Discover your genetics and unlock your potential with myDNA

myDNA partnered with Personal training allows greater knowledge for you and your trainer

Active Moreland is excited to announce an industry leading partnership with MyDNA to help decode information in your genes to help you live better. The partnership will add incredible value to our Personal training program and help members achieve their results quicker.


Throughout April, members will receive a complementary genetic test kit with every 10 session Personal Training pack. Each kit provides interpretation done by leading pharmacists, molecular and clinical geneticists and sports nutritionists. This will aid in our ability to deliver an elite quality service specific to you and ensure you can be getting the most out of your Personal Training.


MyDNA partnered with Personal training allows greater knowledge for you and your trainer, to understand what your body will respond well to and what may take a little longer to see improvement. This allows your trainer to set realistic expectations and tailor a program specific to your body’s needs. Getting you to your desired results quicker and safer.


Coupled with the expertise of your trainer MyDNA provides Nutritional advice based on your genetic predisposition. Allowing you to fuel your body in the most effective way for both performance and composition change.


MyDNA Insights around your flexibility and your body’s capacity to recover, allow your trainer to scale your program around your body’s needs. Therefore reducing the likelihood of injury.

To utilize MyDNA technology along with the expertise of our Active Moreland trainers contact us on 03 8311 4600