Member Story December 2018

Q&A with Brian Thompson

Q1. Can you quickly run me through your inspiring story.

A. I was playing football for Oak Park and had a practice game in Queenscliff on the 22nd of March, 1986. I was living in Glenroy at the time and have been living in Moreland ever since. During the game I was King hit from behind at 3.30pm, fell unconscious but regained consciousness and drove home that night. At 10am on Sunday the next day I had a stroke caused by the cowardly attack. I Went to stand up and collapsed and was in hospital from 2 weeks. I now have no ability to work and my right hand hasn’t been able to open and close because of loss of muscle function and I have a weak right hand.

Q2. Can you please tell me about your health and fitness journey and how it has impacted you.

A. I decided to use a lot of my time to spend in the gym to see what I can and can’t do in the gym. The reason I wanted to get into the gym as much as I could, was to stop muscle degeneration in the right side of my body. Initially it was a really big learning curve and journey for me to learn how to do certain exercises in the gym. I have altered a lot of my exercises to be able to work with the grip strength in my right hand.

Q3. How many times a week do you think you would come into the gym

A. I normally come between 2-4 times per week as I do a lot of bike riding During the day. I normally ride from Glenroy across the road to reservoir, Moonee Valley, bike track and then back to reservoir. The biggest ride I have done was from West Meadows to Albury Wodonga for 14 hours, although I wouldn’t really recommend doing that again haha.

Q4. How has the facility at Oak Park been involved in your life.

A. I love it, loves how seamless it is to access to centre with my wristband, it’s really close to home and a great brand new facility. Gym staff and reception staff are fantastic and I really enjoy having a chat especially with the gym staff members Katie and Louis.

Q5. Do you have any words of wisdom to people who may be struggling with motivation to attend the gym or get started with their fitness journey?

A. Enjoy time on the planet whilst you are alive. Look after your body and your life because you never know when it might end. When you are lying in the bed and don’t know what is going to happen with your life that’s when you really realize how important it is to you.